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I've had several inquiries this season from parents asking my personal advice how to make my their child a better player. It is my opinion, based on observing the program for a few seasons, that George Nuccio and the Advanced Hockey Academy offers a great opportunity for the kids in South Florida. Hockey is a game played with other people on the ice. Many players in the area utilize a private instructor from time to time, but hockey is a team game. The private instructors can certainly help a player to a point, working on individual skills. However, we need teammates to help enhance these learned skills to push us and make us take our game to the next level. The academy offers kids an opportunity to work hard, extend their skating stride, and battle against older kids in many cases. It helps take the kids out of their "comfort zone" and learn to think and react to a quicker pace, thus helping "slow down" the pace during games. It helps kids read the ice and react when they are pressed for time by fast skating opposition. Further, I think George is respectful of the boys and yet tough enough on them to push them to the next level. It will definitely help your child's conditioning!

I realize that we all have major time restrictions, and we're all watching what we spend these days. If you have just one additional hour to spend at the rink per week, I believe this is the best value and return on investment in the area.

Watch as George Nuccio, Founder and Director of Advaned hockey Academy, explains the many benefits of the program


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